PCB Price Continue To Rise, Display Manufacturers Are You Okay?

- Feb 17, 2017 -

    Copper shortage, CCL shortage, PCB delivery difficulties ... ... continued for half a year of copper park, CCL prices continue to affect the entire PCB industry.

     Raw material prices to eliminate part of the manufacturers, but is conducive to the availability of funds to get more customers, and further focus on industry norms market. Because in the demand for plate procurement, they compared to similar manufacturers, in the face of upstream suppliers have a strong bargaining power and the right to request delivery, further control of the cost and keep the material supply flow.

     On the other hand, this crazy is unsustainable, copper foil market continues to heat, there are speculation factors, lithium copper foil will not continue to grow every month, it will not high-speed expansion. MILL should be between the rational, should not blindly follow the trend, the auction hoard goods and then hit the price war, carefully consider the purchase of varieties and quantity, not chaos purchase.

     The following are the same as the "With the new energy vehicles, mobile phones, LED small pitch, communications base stations and other major segments of the electronic market demand, PCB industry market gradually pick up, circuit board factory should seize this opportunity to continuously improve their quality, excellence, improve yield , Reduce costs, to avoid vicious competition, in order to break through the tight encirclement.


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