PCB Price Continue To Rise, Display Manufacturers Are You Okay?

- Feb 17, 2017-

With the shortage of copper in the market, the shortage of copper clad, the difficulty in delivering PCB products, etc., in the pcb manufacturing industry, the price of CCL has continued to rise, affecting the entire PCB industry.

The rise in raw material prices has eliminated some manufacturers, but it has helped to obtain more client funds and further focus on the industry's regulated market. Because of the demand for plate purchases, they have stronger bargaining power and the right to deliver goods in the face of similar manufacturers, which can further control costs and maintain material supply.

fast pcb prototype

On the other hand, this kind of madness is unsustainable. The copper foil market continues to heat up. There are speculation factors. Lithium copper foil will not continue to grow monthly, nor will it expand at a high speed. Rolling mills should be between rationality, should not blindly follow the trend, auction ho accumulation goods and then fight the price war, we must carefully consider the purchase of varieties and quantities, do not chase.

The following is the same as the demand for the electronic market in major market segments such as new energy vehicles, mobile phones, small LED spacing, and communication base stations. The PCB industry market is gradually picking up, and circuit board factories should seize this opportunity to continuously improve their own quality. , strive for excellence, increase production, reduce costs, avoid vicious competition, to break through the encirclement.

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