PCB Price Continue To Rise -Another Cycle

- Jul 20, 2017-

According to a recently survey report, the bare PCB (printed circuit board) to be raised up again. Actually, the board market has been stable for quite sometime, and now why it comes to rise again accordingly?


To answer this, here are the major factors may cause the PCB cost increased:

(1) Supply end:

Because of the limited copper foil capacity both for domestic and foreign factories, mainly subject to a series problems, equipment, infrastructure, environmental protection, capital, the production is fully engaged, while the first batch of large-scale new production capacity will be after 2018, so up till now mid-2017, capacity problems have not yet been effectively solved up.

(2) Demand side:

As can be seen from the last vigorous price increasing, the biggest reason comes from the high demand for copper foil without doubt.

Copper overcapacity or superimposed copper prices in the long term downturn in the past, some copper companies were forced to close or cut production. Few years passed, the copper production capacity has still been reducing.

The global lithium industry and new energy automotive industry becoming more and more hot these two years, which lead to triggering shortage of copper foils.


Industry analysis says, the blank printed circuit board prices will continue to rise, based on current market situation, the demand will increase significantly, even similar to 2016 the same period.


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