Quality Is Often More Important Than Price

- Nov 21, 2019-

I have experienced a lot of things in recent days. I have some business affairs and some trivial things in my life. The biggest feeling for me is: "Expensive is cheap, cheap is expensive " If you have to ask me why I can say this, I can use my experience to tell you in details.

I bought a pair of shoes a few days ago for exercise. As I grew older, I slowly felt that my knees were not so healthy, and occasional pain reminded me to pay attention to protecting my knees. Because sometimes running requires special attention. A good pair of shoes is the most basic requirement. After thinking twice, I decided to go to Jordan to buy a pair of better running shoes. It was a reward for my hard work overtime.

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On the way to the destination, passing a discounted store, I hugged in and tried to look at the mentality of not buying. Wow! How are these shoes so cheap, and this is exactly the shoes I always wanted to buy. The heel is quite soft. In this way, I bought a pair of shoes that just half the price of the big brand. When I went to run the first day, I felt that the shoes were not as comfortable as the previous ones. I thought about wearing them first, and will fit several days. The third day happened to be the weekend. I went hiking with my friends, and my feet were uncomfortable, but there was no way. When I came back, I took off my shoes and there was a blisters in the heel. I tried it carefully and found that the design of the heel of this shoe was a bit unreasonable and was recessed into the heel to take care of the shape of the movement, but the back filler was too hard, so the feet were worn. I regret it at the moment, but I can't return it. If I don't want to be cheap, buy a pair of expensive shoes with a better quality design, don't I have to eat this bitter.


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At work, because of the platform, we have been cooperating with many service providers, some websites, and other platforms. Because of involving in service issues, there are contract fees. In general, the services provided by each are similar, just because at the beginning of the business engagement phase, the cost of each contract is different.

In a later cooperation process, we can clearly feel that the same business, the slightly more expensive service provider is doing its best, she will take the initiative to give you feedback on issues you have not realized, and can give you in time. Provide the necessary reminders and support. And those low-cost sign-on services, when you are busy with the problems of the platform, but when you look for solutions, you can’t find anyone. Even when you want to swear, he still doesn’t care. Only the boss personally puts pressure they will deal with it lazily and a lot of unresolved problems still leave there. Finally, wait until the contract expires before one month or two months , and they will pretend to take the initiative to see if you can sign the next contract.

PCB Assemblies Manufacturer


As a PCB manufacturer, I think it can be expressed from two points on the issue of expensive and cheap: First of all, the industry has gradually shifted from pure pcb assembly to full-process PCBA processing one-stop service. The entire process includes a lot of process flow, and any problem in one link may lead to poor products and a decline in customer experience.

Therefore, how to choose a reliable pcb manufacturer is not only to consider the price issue, but also to consider the quality of the product. Always remember: "expensive are cheap, cheap is expensive."


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