- Mar 21, 2017-

FASTPCBA Co.,Ltd is a professional prototype and small medium production PCBA supplier,with over 15 years in PCB & PCBA field.And we have professional production line and staff who is making nice quality in short time.

We are especially FAST at:

PCB quotation can be send with 24 hours

L/T 1 week for PCB samples;2 weeks for mass QTY.

Laminating:RF4,TG130/150/170,Aluminum and MCPCB

100%E-test and Visual inspection before delivery,acceptance standard IPC-600-Class 11&111

Layer occcupancy rate:Double sided:50%;4 layer PCB &above:50%

On time delivery:100%

Process first pass:97%

Our advantages:

1.NO MOQ:assist our payments from prototype

2. Reliable components,sourcing channels (stratagic cooperation with Arrow and Avnent supplier audit)

3.Competitive price to assist you occupy market

4.Sign NDA with partners to keep our partners Technical confidencial.

5.Professional team(including fluently English communication)

6.Holistic and flexible customer service

7.Total knowledage of exporting process (10 year’s indepandent exporting experience)

Our quality system and standard as below:

Certified ISO9001;2008;ISO/TS16949:2009.ROHS.UL

100%E-test and Visual inspection before delivery

Acceptance standard IPC-600-class 11&111


Quality Assurance:

Outgoing qualified production rate:Double sided:98% Multilayer:96%

All goods we delivered:100% QTY as customer required.

The PCB material we used are the best in China market: ShengYi. 

The SMT machine we used are also first -class equipments to ensure the quality such as Mydata 200. 

We also have strict and professional inspection machines such as Automotive AOI and X-ray.

a. Pcbs will have 100% electric test to test the short and open circuits.

b.We have IQC and IPQC to check the components one by one based on the BOM list before they are going to assembly.

c. We have online and offline AOI optical inspection and also the visual inspection by the professional engineers.

d. We also have X-RAY inspector machine to check the special components SMT work.

Indeed we admit we are not a lower cost PCBA supplier in China,we defined ourselves as a high quality PCB manufacturing.If you looking for a lower price,I think we will disappointing you,But if you take quality at a important way,we will satisfy you certainly.

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