Pcb Manufacturing Production Process Control

- Aug 22, 2019-

The Pcb manufacturing production process of Pcb directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, all factors affecting the quality of the production process, such as technics parameters, personnel, equipment, materials, processing, monitoring and testing methods, and environment, should be in controlled conditions. The controlled conditions are as follows:

pcb factory

1, pcb design schematics, assembly drawings, samples, packaging requirements.

2, Making pcb product technics documents or work instructions, such as technics process cards, operating specifications, inspection and test instructions.

3, production equipment, tooling, fixtures, molds, accessories, etc. are always qualified and effective.

4, Configure and use appropriate monitoring and measuring devices to keep these characteristics within specified or permitted limits.

5, There are clear pcb manufacturing quality control points. The key processes of pcba are solder paste printing, SMT, reflow soldering and wave soldering furnace temperature control.

The requirements for pcb quality control points (quality control points) are: quality control point identification on site, standardized quality control point files, correct and timely control data records, analysis and processing of control data, regular evaluation of PDCA and Traceability.


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