What is the solder joint of the prototype board?

- Jan 10, 2018-

Solder joints are the main method for safely and reliably connecting the components that make up the electronic components of a circuit board. The choice of board manufacturers must first look at the quality of the solder joints of the products. Because the quality of solder joints directly affects the reliability and stability of electronic products, solder joints must be safe and reliable, and the solder joints of the board are described in detail.

In order to obtain qualified solder joints, the following conditions must be met:

1. Must ensure the reliability of the metal material to be welded

So what is solderability? Solderability refers to the ability of a metal material to be welded to form a good bond with the solder at a suitable temperature and a suitable flux.

2. To ensure the surface of the metal to be cleaned is clean

The surface of the metal to be welded must be clean and non-oxidized. Only in this way can the molten solder and the weldment have good wettability, and a good solder joint can be formed.

3. Reasonable choice of flux

The function of the flux is to remove the oxide film on the surface of the solder during the welding process, reduce the surface tension of the solder, improve the solder wettability, and make the solder joints beautiful.

4.Choose the right solder

The choice of solder is different for different welding.

5.The welding temperature should be appropriate

6.Welding time should be appropriate

The welding time has a great influence on the formation of the infiltrated alloy layer of the solder and the components. Therefore, the length of the soldering time should be appropriate. Too short welding time cannot be completed melting ,and the solder joints such as slag inclusion and virtual welding are easily formed. .

7.Before the solder is cooled and solidified, the welded part must be reliably fixed, and touching, swing or jitter phenomenon is not allowed.

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