Management of pcb manufacturing process

- Aug 22, 2018-

In Pcb manufacturing process, orderly management of Pcb material and process is a very high quality improvement.The following are some management details of FASTPCBA PCB manufacturing process.Mainly divided into two points: PCB solder paste printing process management and PCB assembly printing process quality management.

1. PCB solder paste printing process management

Firstly, the management of welding preparation is carried out before PCB manufacturing and printing components:

First, the operator must be familiar with the process requirements of the plate products

Second, PCB prototype development, its selection of steel mesh and solder paste and PCB PCB inspection standards, the design of steel mesh will also affect the normal performance of solder paste printing, the design of steel mesh is conducive to cost saving control;The management of solder paste is also very important. Different PCB boards use different solder paste properties.

3. Clean and bake damp PCB boards individually according to cleaning and baking standards.

Fourth, set the responsibilities and requirements of the printing equipment and engineering personnel to ensure the quality of the products.

Point 5, formulate the use and storage of solder paste

6. Establish inspection standards for PCB PCB printing solder paste to ensure the integrity of solder joints;

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2. Process management of circuit board printing

1. Operator's proficiency in PCB printing and setting of printing parameters, as well as pre-programmed printing positioning.

Secondly, add solder paste printing to ensure the full use of solder paste, and conduct relevant training for operators.

Third, the detection of printed solder paste and the detection of patch components

4. Check each PCB soldered by the mounter during PCB manufacturing.Inspection methods and standards have corresponding technical documents for guidance.

Point 5, reflow furnace temperature setting, avoid circuit board temperature failure.

The above is the management of PCB manufacturing and printing production process provided by FASTPCBA, hoping to help you.For more information, visit the FASTPCBA website.

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