Pcb Circuit Board Panel Features

- Jul 17, 2019-

Why do PCB connection panels? After the design of the printed PCB board, it is required to go line for PCB manufacturing and assembly. When the size of a single PCB board is small, there are fewer components on the pcb, and it is a rigid circuit board, in order to meet the requirements of the PCB manufacturing equipment, the circuit board is specified the most suitable size , if the size is too small or too large, the tooling of the fixed circuit board on the assembly line cannot be fixed, and the mounting work cannot be completed. Therefore, the PCB board of the small size needs to be panel to complete the assembly craft. The PCB is regularly laid out and they are combined into rectangle or square. This is the panel.


Pcb circuit board panel features

The benefits of the panel can also increase the efficiency of pcb manufacturing assembly and are the preferred standard for many manufacturers. As shown in the figure, this design can use the same module, so that saving programming, production preparation time, and improving production efficiency and equipment utilization.

The combination ways of the V-shaped grooves ,stamp holes, punching grooves etc, between the board panels ,which requires both a certain mechanical strength and easy separation after assembly.


The above are the features of the circuit board panel, I hope to help you!


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