PCB Board SMT Equipment Craft Characteristics

- May 13, 2019-

Accuracy, speed and adaptability are the three most important features of the SMT  machine. The accuracy determines the type of components that can be mounted on the SMT machine and the fields in which it can be applied. The low-precision SMT machine can only mount SMC and a small number of SMDs, which is suitable for circuit assembly in the field of consumer electronics. The high-precision SMT machine can mount multi-lead and fine pitch elements such as SOIC and QFP. The device is suitable for circuit board assembly in the field of industrial electronic equipment and military electronic equipment. The speed determines the productivity and ability of the SMT machine. Adaptability determines the type of components that can be mounted on the SMT machine and meets a variety of mounting requirements. A poorly adaptable SMT machine can only meet the mounting requirements of a single type of circuit component. When assembling a variety of circuit components, it is necessary to add a dedicated SMT machine. The current high-end SMT machines have high indicators in all three of these properties.


circuit manufacturer

Accuracy is one of the main data indicators in the SMT machine technology specifications, and the accuracy used by different SMT machine manufacturers has different definitions. In general, the accuracy of the mounting should include three items: mounting accuracy, resolution, and repeatability.


The above is the craft of the printed circuit board on the SMT equipment, I hope to help you!

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