Payment Method And Term Of FASTPCBA

- Apr 10, 2019-

There are many ways of payment, per industry, number of cooperation.Many customers want to know the payment method of FASTPCBA.I'll share it with you.

1) pure processing: payment method is payment before delivery (old customers cash on delivery, new customers payment before delivery)

2) PCBA one-stop service: 30%-50% can be paid in advance, and the remaining balance can be settled after the product is finished before shipment (both old and new customers are the same).

Our company has the following payment methods:

1. For new customers: 50% in advance, and 100% after the completion of bulk delivery

2. Customers in the second cooperation: pay 30-40% in advance, and deliver the goods after 100% payment of bulk goods

3. For the clients of the third cooperation,Payment before delivery, An increase in tax is sufficient if an invoice is required.

4. The fourth cooperation: payment shall be made within two days after the arrival of the goods, and the receipt of payment shall be issued (excluding tax).

5. Other ways of cooperation: monthly statement, quarterly closing, etc.


The actual payment method shall be determined according to the customer's order, quantity, amount and cooperation mode.

Delivery time: the goods will be delivered within 15 days after the contract data and logistics are confirmed to be correct. If the customer has no written quality objection within 15 days after the delivery, the goods will be deemed to be qualified.

Material loss: less than 5% for ordinary materials, zero for precious materials.

The above is some payment methods of FASTPCBA. How about cooperation to know more about us?


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