The harm of static electricity to electronic products

- May 15, 2018-

What is static electricity?

Be dangerous in SMT factory, electrostatic, static electricity is a kind of power, it stays in the object surface, is the balance of positive and negative charges in the local scope as a result, is formed by the transformation of the electrons or ions.Generally, foreign object is not electrical, and when the friction between two objects, an object part of the electron will be transferred to another object, then the object lost electrons and bring a "positive", another electronic take "negative".The charge cannot be created or disappeared, it can only move from one object to another.Electrostatic phenomena is the general term for electrical phenomena generated during the generation and disappearance of electric charges.

As mentioned before, usually object has a positive and negative charges are equal, so foreign do not show the electrical, but if two objects of different material contact or electrostatic induction result in the transfer of electric charge, the result is electrical.

2. The method of electrostatic generation.

There are many ways to produce static electricity, such as contact and friction, electrolysis and temperature difference between two objects.The main forms include two.

Species: friction generates static electricity and induction generates static electricity.

In daily production and life, people often feel the phenomenon of friction.Friction is usually divided into two processes: the process of contact with an electron transfer.When two objects come into contact, they form a "double layer" at the interface.The process of friction and separation of electricity.When two objects in contact with and then quickly separated, there will always be part of the transfer of electrons to return to their original place objects, so that an object due to excess electron a negative charge, and another electronic insufficient and positively charged.

In fact, as long as two different objects are exposed to each other, static electricity is generated, and the heat generated by friction provides energy for electron transfer, which greatly strengthens the electrostatic effect.Friction generates static electricity mainly between insulators.

When a conductor is close to a charged body, it induces a different charge on the surface near the charged body, and the same charge is removed from the charged body, which is the process of induction of static electricity.

Above in SMT processing factory summary of electrostatic knowledge, in the electronics factory work partners please note.

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