Packaging Specifications For PCBA Shipments

- Feb 21, 2019-

With the development of electronic products in the direction of small, thin and light, the requirements for anti-static of electronic components are getting higher and higher, and the development of PCBA off-site processing mode, the transportation route begins to become longer, and the PCBA packaging method is put forward higher. Requirements.

The packing of the pcba

When the PCBA board is packaged, it can be packaged by means of bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bags, and vacuum bags, and then packaged with an outer box.

PCBA is generally packaged in an anti-static bag, placed in a small box, and placed in a large box. If the large outer box is not full at the time of shipment, it needs to be filled with pearl cotton or other soft materials to ensure that there will be no vacancies inside and cause movement during transportation.

PCBA packaging should prevent PCBA board damage caused by vibration during transportation on the premise of ensuring anti-static.

The packing of the pcba

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