Obey The Pcb Assembly Operating Guidelines

- Aug 20, 2019-

1. Keeping clean and there must be no food, beverage or tobacco products in the working area.

2. Reducing the operation for the electronic pcb assembly to prevent damage.

3. When using gloves, replace them in time to prevent contamination of dirty gloves.

4. Do not touch the solderable surface directly with hands. Grease and salt will reduce solderability, increase corrosion, and reduce coating adhesion.

5. Do not use unauthorised hand cream, as this will affect solderability and coating adhesion.

6. Never stack the assembled panels to prevent mechanical damage.

7. Even if there is assembled pcb without the identification of static sensitive components, it should be operated as static sensitive assembly.

8. Operators must be trained and implemented in accordance with ESD regulations.

9. Never transfer or transport static-sensitive components out of the package.

10. Using clean gloves or finger cots with EOS/ESD protection.

11. Solvent-resistant EOS/ESD protective gloves should be used during the cleaning process, as shown in Figure 1.



12. Touching the edge of the electronic assembly board with clean hands under EOS/ESD protection and operate as shown in Figure 2.


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