Embrace New Changes With New Ideas

- Nov 06, 2019-

When the leaves fall, the autumn is deep and the end of the year is cold. After a night of wind, the secluded trees shadow were covered with golden leaves. There are also some naughty ones who fall on the shoulders of the hurrying pedestrians in a casual manner. Only then can I understand that all the time we have neglected has never stopped for anyone. Every day, new changes are happening, just like this new era. When a new era has arrived, if our flesh has entered a new era, and our heads are still in the past, then we will surely walk in a road that will surely fall.


A new era of the electronic processing industry has also arrived. One of the notable trends is that the industry's overall survival of the fittest has entered the deep water area, and companies with very good engineering teams and technology accumulation have gradually eliminated some low-end processing products. A large number of daily consumer electronics have also developed several well-known giants in China. The overall needs of the client have also been diversified and multi-field development.

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Then facing these changes, we must not only pursue the "winner is king" but also the pursuit of "the left is king." So in order to survive in this ever-changing survival war, we not only need to play the game of rights, but also need to increase our strength. Sometimes in order to achieve a certain purpose, it is not only necessary to be self-reliant but also to join forces and make rational use of the resources at hand. It is also feasible to achieve the same goal with a company with the same philosophy.

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Take our FASTPCBA as an example, we worked with a company with the same concept the year before last year. We assisted in the division of labor and were responsible for different customer type production, because pcb manufacturing assembly involves too many links and need to face a variety of customers such as military, medical and automotive electronics, but also to do low-end consumer products, a pcb manufacturer can not fully meet these needs of customers, which does not meet the positioning of the company. Then everyone can make rational use of resources, which is also a good solution. Today, I will share with you my own feelings. Tomorrow I will share with you some new ideas that companies need to use.



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