Thermal technology in PCB

- Mar 02, 2017-

Standard printed circuit board materials do not dissipate enough heat in many of today's LEDs and chip packages. Aluminum core PCB and copper core are often combined with thermally conductive dielectrics to help solve your heat requirements and even eliminate the need for a heat sink. FASTPCBA talk about this topic in one of our previous news, now  I am going to introduce you more of a new technology- electrically neutral thermal path.

PCB of all holes to be connected to the PCB Metal core is some clients’ request and not often fabricated in factories. After many times prototyping, experiments and improvements, we get some conclusions which will affect mass production:

pcb manufacturing

1、The MC6061 material structure is composed of AL+ Insulation layer+ Copper. To meet the request that copper and pads of relevant holes to be connected with base core, we have to plate copper around holes. But Aluminum and Copper usually never blend. To plate copper on and connecting aluminum, numerous chemical treatments need to go through. Some chemical treatments such as Zinc deposit have to be finished in metal electroplate factory. However, the plating process between metal electroplate factory and PCB factory differ greatly. Meanwhile, the plating process in metal factory is instable because they only plate to wall of holes,rather than a finished board. During metal process, it’s hard for them to protect copper and other aluminum parts well. Even they protect those parts well, a bad impact from metal plating chemical on copper is inevitable. Thus, when we circuiting and tinning in next processes, lots of open and short circuits will be found. High rate on scrap and cost bear heavily on us.


2、Platting copper on Aluminum board is insecure and in-stable to some extent.

As for our suggestions,stay tuned...

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