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- Jul 26, 2017-

We are proud again that we assembled a ministry board recently and the customer is quite satisfied with us, not only for our assembly service, but also our technical skills. Actually the customer found the boards can not be worked perfectly at first, we timely sent our PCBA technical supervisor there to assist them. Through our engineer’s support, the boards can work fine. In fact, it turned out that one of the customer’s provided components is not accurate, because of purchasing channel not that reliable.


Well, as a responsible PCB to PCBA manufacturer, we hereby remind you that pay much attention on qualified suppliers.


All our PCB bare boards workmanship is qualified to IPC-A-600 (for acceptance of printed wiring boards) & 610 (acceptability of electronic assemblies) standards. We have a fully set of equipped facilities and machines to check process and plated hole integrity to ensure the quality.


100% electrically tested, flying probe test, visual inspection and process checks, a full electrical testing solution for both bare boards and fully assembled products, solder paste inspection, 100% AOI inspection, X-Ray inspection, etc. Our ATE testers even provide full functional testing, this indicated that we are your right choices for even your most complex PCB/ PCBA designs.


Are you now looking for Looking for a manufacturing partner? 

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