Learn About The 10 Features Of FASTPCBA

- Apr 10, 2019-

1. Each process of pcb assembly is a quality control point.

2, YAMAHA placement machine can do the limit of the circuit board: maximum 430mm * 508mm, minimum 50mm * 50mm.

3. The steel mesh is usually cleaned once after 5 to 10 times, and the service life is 300,000 times.

4, the role of the steel mesh is the template used when printing solder paste, the thickness is 0.08mm~0.15mm.

5. The capacity of the placement machine is 12,000 hours per hour.

6, the smallest patch components we can do is 0201, the industry minimum is 01005.

7, our placement machine has Sweden's MYDATA, Japan's YAMAHA, AOI is the United States' Alid, the role is used for patching and testing.

8, AOI principle: full-color 3ccd high-speed digital camera, statistical modeling, full-color image comparison, automatically set its parameters according to different detection points.

9. IPQC participates in the process of each process, and it also needs to supervise each process from time to time.

10. The steps that the warehouse needs to do after receiving the order: ordering materials, preparing materials, IQC testing, waiting for production to take materials.

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