India Customer Vinit Visit Our Factory

- Oct 14, 2016-

One of our Indian customers, customers are security monitoring electronic products, security pcb is currently very popular in the market, with the rapid development of security monitoring, the massive information of monitoring screens has far exceeded the effective processing range of manpower, Intelligent video retrieval technology has become an increasingly indispensable part of video surveillance systems. The intelligent video retrieval technology manufactured by this customer combines video processing, computer vision and artificial intelligence, greatly improving the efficiency of monitoring and the accuracy and linkage of the monitoring system. Promote video surveillance systems from traditional security to modern security concepts, providing comprehensive technical support for big data applications.

Yesterday, we visited our factory FASTPCBA Technology Co.,ltd.

The Vinit sales manager followed the customer to audit the production process of the product. He thought that our quality was worthy of our price, so he decided to enter into an order transaction with our company.

As shown in the picture: We showed him our factory and introduced our SMT assembly line machine, and inspection capabilities to control the quality of the pcb.

In the end, the customer is satisfied with us and looks forward to a long-term stable cooperative relationship.

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