In-depth Interpretation Of The Epidemic

- Feb 29, 2020-

Now the whole world is focusing on the outbreak that happen in China,as a chinese,I have to explain the one I see to you

1.   The outbreak happend in Wuhan City in China,the most serious cities are only in Hubei Province.The other province like Guangdong, are not seriously affected.

2.    The outbreak is only infected by Human to human through air with closed contact,not by goods to goods.

3.    Now our country is doing every possible means to make everything is under control,I do believe you will hear the good news soon.

4.    The WHO(World Health Organization)announced it Public Health Emergency of International Concern(PHEIIC)but not”affected area”

5.    So please feel relax to the trading with us,your trust and support will be the best confidence contribution to our battle,your trust and your effort today,the whole China and our company will feedback you much more tomorrow。


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