How To Improve The Worker’s Process During PCB Production?

- Sep 20, 2017-

First of all, the appearance defect for PCB.

A) whether the PCB standard appearance inspection is specified, detailed and clear enough, is this agreed by the customer?

B) whether the standard of PCB appearance has been clearly passed to all related workers?

C) Whether each PCB work plan is reasonable or not.

D) Regarding those high frequently appearance defects, is there a warning card for workers to pay special attention to that occurred during production?

E) Finally, is it possible to find root reasons to avoid further PCB appearance defects?

Secondly, PCB wrong label:

The PCB board release to the workshop altogether with the process card.

Thirdly, regarding PCB shortage problem: Weighing method.

Fourthly, PCB leakage processing problem:

Making full use of ERP system, as well as to sign on the process card to prevent leakage.

Our factory has been customizing proper ERP system, while we request each step to take notes, to make sure the traceability.

Finally, regarding PCB using the wrong material.

For all special requirements, process CARDS highlight specific requirements to remind workers to pay attention. To follow the process card together board tightly at the same time.

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