Improper Installation Of Radiators May Cause Damage To Components

- Feb 18, 2019-

If the heat sink is not installed properly in China PCB factory, it will easily cause the distortion of PCB circuit board and damage the stress sensitive device.

The installation methods that are most likely to cause problems are screw installation or elastic sleeve installation.

The installation mode of the radiator installation structure which is easy to cause problems is shown in the figure:

Screw mounting

Elastic sleeve mounting

The mounting of screws or elastic sleeves will generally cause the deformation of PCB, especially the radiators arranged on the edge of thin plates or long hair plates and the radiators for the common use of double chips.

Such installation, in the installation process as well as the use of the process will cause such problems.In assembly, the first screw is often screwed tight, it is easy to make BGA corresponding to the corner of the solder joint flattening, serious cause short circuit.In long-term use, the longer the time, the more serious deformation, will make the surrounding chip capacity, memory, BGA and other components damaged.

The solution measures provided by our company include the following five points, which are expected to be helpful to you.

(1) avoid the use of flexible sleeve installed radiator layout in the thin, strip plate.

(2) avoid two components sharing a radiator, as shown in the figure:


(3) avoid rectangular radiator.

(4) the radiator screws should be as close as possible to the component packaging body to avoid forming a three-point support structure.

(5) optimize the layout direction, and lay the radiator in the long direction perpendicular to the PCB to offset the deformation.

The above is the share of China PCB board factory, hope to help you.

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