Importance Of ESD Protection For PCB, PCBA

- Mar 29, 2017-

ESD: electrostatic discharge.Anti - static electricity is the basic standard of electronic manufacturing plants, is to guarantee the quality and life of electronic products.Although ESD may influence to the human body is not big, but, for some sensitive element in the PCB manufacturer, if you don't do anti-static measures, it may directly from the PCBA or other product manufacturing these components, losing its basic performance, to make matters worse, PCBA circuit board scrap directly, even lose the whole function, therefore, ESD protection is so there is no doubt that it is necessary to ESD protection is a long-term work system.

FastPCBA is a professional manufacturer of PCBA, pay attention to every place to ensure the quality of our high-end printed circuit board products, in the workshop, there are some will set about electronic contact ESD electrostatic protection, we should not only before you order the responsible for our printed circuit board, also consider the potential hazard is on board, as well as after-sales service service.

The following is a partial picture of our ESD protection/audit system before 2018: anti-static access control

FASTPCBA electrostatic detection access control system

Now we have changed the updated anti-static access control, and set the face recognition function, which can quickly identify and release static electricity.

FASTPCBA electrostatic detection access control system (1)

The above is our description of anti-static facilities. If you have any requirements of PCB (printed circuit board) or PCBA (PCB with component welding), please feel free to contact us as follows:

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