Huawei, We Are Proud Of You! FastPCBA Will Be Another You!

- Jan 13, 2017-

What a good news, Huawei finally break into the American!

Recently, Huawei made an announcement that his Mate9 is officially on sale in the United States,

this is the first time that our Chinese high-end smart phones sold into the US market!

This is not only the first time in the history that our Chinese high-end phones sold in the United

States, but also let’s show among the Americans to have a good look at made in China products and

Chinese high-technology today!

led pcb manufacturer

Well, FastPCBA is also a company like this, we’ve been focusing on doing and improving our printed

circuit boards well from all around:

Been trying to use the most advanced machines imported all over the world;

Training our relative engineers from time to time to ensure the quality during processing;

Improving our working conditions, you may have better idea when you have a glance during your

visiting us here; 

Sharing experiences among PCB and other fields, etc.

We strongly believe that Made in China is now beyond something, let our great Huawei, our FastPCBA,

and other similar companies show you and ensure you this without any doubt.

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