How To Improve Your Assembly Consistency?

- Mar 04, 2017-

Hello every one. Today we are going to talk about an machine or an technology which can improve your assembly consistency, that is Automated Selective Solder.

This machine and technology is different from wave soldering machines which will solder all through-hole parts without any choice.It's common practice to have wave solder or hand assembly for through-hole on standard technology. But how do we handle through-hole assembly when a printed circuit board (PCB) has Ball Grid Array (BGA) components, LCD on both sides, or through-hole components are very close to Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) parts? Hand soldering can have inconsistencies and wave solder might not be an option due to high costs of wave solder fixtures.

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Automated selective solder will be the best solution for these technologies. This is the best way to assemble through hole components and get consistent high quality assembly that meets Class 3 requirements.

We tested one of our assembly orders with the selective solder machines. The result of DIP assembly turned to be very good and satisfied. If you want to know more about this expedience and technology, welcome to contact us for more information.

Any request for PCB (printed circuit board) or PCBA (PCB with components soldering), please feel free to contact us as below:




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