How To Improve The Mounting Efficiency Of PCB Manufacturing?

- Jul 15, 2019-

In the process of pcb manufacturing, in order to improve the efficiency of the pcb prototype, we must solve the fundamental problem of the SMT equipment firstly. Even the same SMT machine and product, the mounting quality and efficiency may be different. Which affected by many factors, mainly including the design of PCB prototypes and program optimization. To improve the efficiency of automatic SMT machine placement, the following are the corresponding measures provided by FASTPCBA.

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(1) Proceed PCB design in accordance with DMF requirements.


A. Mark settings should be standardized.


B. The shape, size, hole positioning and edge positioning of the PCB prototype board must be correct and must meet the requirements of the SMT machine.

C. Small-size PCBs need to be processed forming panel to eliminate the downtime and transmission time.


(2) Optimize the pcb S machine program, the optimization principle is as follows.

1.  The changing number of nozzles the least.


2. pick up the chip, the SMT path is the shortest.


(3) Offline programming is used for multiple varieties and small batches.


(4) Measures taken for refueling and replenishing components.


A. Replaceable trolley is used.


B.Adhesive tape and bonder are used.


C.Install the spare feeder in advance.


D. Tray racks can be set up with several layers of the same components.


E. A large number of components can be set to multiple station positions, which not only can extend the time of replenishing components, but also the coaxial multi-head SMT machine can increase the chance of picking up chip at the same time.


(5) When the components are prepared, the packaging form can be selected according to the amount of materials used, and the devices with more materials should be packaged with weave as much as possible.


(6) Operate the machine in accordance with the safe operating procedures, pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment.



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