How To Choose Moisture-proof Cabinets To Store Components

- Apr 26, 2019-

Generally, the PCBA factory's electronic bulk materials for customers are stored in the moisture-proof cabinet. However, there are many brands of moisture-proof cabinets on the market. How should we choose a moisture-proof cabinet correctly?

1. Dehumidification speed of moisture-proof cabinet

Due to technical ability limitations, most products provided by moisture-proof cabinet manufacturers are slower in dehumidification speed, 1-2 hours for faster, or even half a day for slower. In this case, even the moisture-proof cabinet can reduce the humidity in a much low degree.but what is the effect of such a long recovery time for most PCB users? Therefore, users are advised to focus on confirming this indicator according to their own situation.


2. Anti-static design of moisture-proof cabinet

Because the humidity inside the moisture-proof cabinet is very low, it is easy to generate static electricity, and the products stored in the moisture-proof cabinet generally require high static electricity protection, so the anti-static design is very important. In general, moisture-proof cabinet products use a surface shell to spray anti-static powder to control a certain surface resistance.

moisture-proof cabinets

3. Display and control of moisture-proof cabinet

Digital display type, can be set to fully automatic moisture-proof cabinet is an industry trend. Because the traditional moisture-proof cabinet users can not control the operation of them, so can not meet their own requirements, and the original analog pointer display, the error is also relatively large, the observation is also very inconvenient, especially for the ultra-low humidity storage requirements users need to use digital display to set up automatic moisture-proof cabinet.


4.Data confirmation

The moisture-proof cabinets on the market are now highly competitive, and manufacturers have reduced their costs, directly affecting their quality. It is recommended to select the moisture-proof cabinets of some well-known enterprises, and after the arrival of the goods, you need to confirm the parameters with your own or third-party testing instruments. It is worth mentioning here that the moisture-proof cabinet comes with the humidity display accuracy problem, because if there is a deviation (we even find that there is a 10% RH error), it directly causes confusion of the process and destroys the quality of its own products.

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