How To Choose A Good Resistor?

- Apr 15, 2019-

Solid core resistors are made by mixing carbon with an undesirable conductive material and adding a binder,the model has the RS mark,but the resistance value error is big, the stability is bad.This kind of resistor has low cost, low price and high reliability.It is also rarely used in PCB manufacturing, where solid resistors were common in previous tube radios and various electronic devices, but are now rarely used in finished appliances.Electronics hobbyists often have such resistors on hand, which are perfectly usable in amateur electronics.

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Thin resistors, which are made by coating carbon or certain alloys on the surface of porcelain tubes (rods) by evaporation, are the most commonly used resistors in electronic fabrication.The carbon film resistor model has the RT symbol (small carbon film resistor is RTX), which is cheap cost, has good voltage stability, but allows a small rated power.Metal film resistor models with the RJ logo, often coated with red or brown paint, it is characterized by high precision, good thermal stability, at the same rated power, volume is only half of the carbon film resistor.

The wire wound resistor, marked RX in the model, is made of ni-cr or mn-cu alloy resistance wire wound on the insulation bracket, and the surface is often coated with insulation paint or heat-resistant glaze layer.The characteristics of wire-wound resistor are high precision, high power and good thermal stability.The disadvantage is the price is expensive, not easy to get high resistance value.The shunt and voltage divider in multimeter mostly adopt wire-wound resistor.


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