General design specification for manufacturability of products

- Aug 24, 2018-

I. PCB outer frame size requirements:

SMT equipment

Reference positioning hole 

1, SMT equipment, maximum patch size of PCB for: 500 x 460 mm 

2, minimum patch size of PCB SMT equipments is: 50 x 50 mm

The thickness of the PCB requirements

1, to patch the thinnest PCB thickness as follows: 0.3 

2 mm, to patch the thickest for PCB thickness: 4.0 mm 

PCB circuit layers: according to the need of the product, the freedom of choice, does not affect production.


Iv. MARK point (reference point) requirements:

  1. Quantity requirement of MARK points: (see the figure above) the quantity of MARK is confirmed according to the number of pieces on the PCB. Generally, more than two MARK points of the same size and shape are needed for one piece of pieces.

  2. The more tiles, the more MARK points.2. MARK point size requirement: (see the figure below)d=1.0mm, MARK on PCB is all the same;The range of solder barrier around Mark point is greater than 2mm.


3. Shape of MARK points: (see the figure above) generally round.4. Position requirement of MARK point: the position of MARK point should be at least 5mm above the PCB edge, so as to avoid the clamping of machine rail edge.

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