Function of multimeter on components

- Oct 19, 2018-

When the electronic parts and components industry gets cold, many merchants are looking for ways to enter into third-party trading platforms or build their own websites, but still encounter many difficulties.

The electronics component supplier of huaqiangbei, who was interviewed, said that in addition to being affected by the industrial environment, the marketing shortfalls it encountered also made it feel "not strong enough".

Following the trend of e-commerce, many electronic components and devices merchants have entered into third-party trading platforms or set up their own websites to move to the network and expand channels.

However, they have to face the problem of difficulty in obtaining trust customers.

According to introducing, to break the barrier of the honesty of, promote a good atmosphere of the electronic components industry, by huaqiang electronic network at the "2012 annual quality supplier selection" has gradually developed, and the activity has successfully held four sessions since 2008, the annual lunar New Year's eve to lead nearly thousand enterprises to compete with good quality and recognition in the past year have bright eye electronic components suppliers, set industry benchmarking, with more excellent service to give back to market.

The poll began on November 15 for nearly a month.

Visual discrimination of high, medium and low frequency loudspeakers generally: since it is troublesome to test the effective frequency range of loudspeakers, it is often judged intuitively based on their caliber size and paper basin softness to roughly determine their frequency response.

Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the speaker, the softer the edge of the paper basin, and the better the low-frequency characteristics.

In contrast, the smaller the diameter of the speaker, the harder and lighter the paper basin, and the better the high-pitched characteristics.

Quality inspection: the multimeter R x 1 Ω measure the impedance of the speaker.As soon as the pen touches the pin, the click can be heard.

The louder the speaker, the higher the electric-acoustic conversion efficiency, and the crisper and cleaner the speaker, the better the sound quality.

If the multimeter pointer does not swing when touching, the speaker's voice coil or voice coil lead line is broken;If only the pointer is swinging but there is no click, it indicates a short circuit in the speaker's voice coil lead.

General detection: the moving coil microphone can use the multimeter to simply decide whether its good or bad (condenser microphone is unfavorable use a multimeter to measure).

The measurement, puts a multimeter R * 10 Ω or R * 100 Ω gear, whose hands with two microphone plug connected at both ends, at this point, the dc resistance of multimeter due and certain instructions, high impedance microphone is about 1 ~ 2 k Ω, low impedance mic about dozens of Europe.

If the resistance is zero or infinite, the microphone may have been short-circuited or broken.

General detection: common earphones are divided into high impedance and low impedance.High impedance headphones are typically 800 ~ 2000 Ω, low impedance headphones, usually around 8 Ω.

If the earphones are found to be silent but sound source is good, they can be measured with a multimeter.

Check the low impedance headphones, the multimeter R x 1 Ω files are available, and the method can be reference to discriminate the speaker stand or fall of the multimeter.

High impedance headphones multimeter to measure, the multimeter to R x 100 Ω files, header pointer pointing to about 800 Ω or so commonly, if the pointer to R = 0 or pointer deflection, is defective, and headphones inside the terminal may short circuit or open circuit.

When the earphone plug is unplugged, if the wiring on the earphone terminal is found to be correct, this means that the earphone coil is faulty.

The appearance inspection can be carried out for non-sealed switches and connectors.

The main work in the inspection is to check whether the whole is complete, whether it is damaged, whether the contact part is damaged, deformed, loose, oxidized or loses elasticity.

The band switch should also be checked for accurate positioning, whether it is out of place or short circuit.

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