Good News For Our Clients!

- Dec 19, 2016-

2016 almost past, FastPCBA keep going as a high-end PCB manufacturer.

● Laminating: FR4, TG130/150/170, Aluminum and MCPCB.

● 100% E-test and Visual inspection before delivery, acceptance standard IPC-600-Class II&III.

● Layer occupancy rate:  Double sided: 50%    4layer pcb&above: 50%

● On time delivery:100%
● Process first pass:97%


We are especially FAST at:

PCB Quotation can be send within 24 hours.

L/T 1 weeks for PCB Samples; 2 Weeks for mass QTY!

Our strength lies in:

1. One-stop service include PCB, components sourcing and assembly .

2. No MOQ: Quick turn to mass production

3. Prompt delivery time and competitive price.

Now only about 15days left, there is a good news for you : We have a performance competition this month. So if you place the order this month,  we will offer you a discount, the discount even more than 20%.Your oders not only can help you save money but also can help us reach our sales target. This is a win-win situation.

If you are interested in our service, kindly get back to us for further information. 

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