Global Sourcing Exhibition

- Oct 18, 2017-

On the date of 11th, Oct, the Global sourcing Exhibition started.

It welcomed so many client from all over the world such as USA, Germany, Russian, Austrilia...

And It contains so many fileds of electronics products, such as security, sports, home automation and so on.

During the exhibition, we can see that Technology makes people’s life better, easy and smart.

More and more new-technology appeared and let people think the world become amazing!

So It’s easy to know that PCBA board becomes the major role in these filed.

Good PCBA quality make the products stable and attractive.


FASTPCBA is a very professional OEM pcba manufacturer.

We had mature production Line and strict quality control system!

So if you have any need in PCBA service, Pls feel free to ocntact us,

We are so willing to have a chance to show your our PCBA ability and make your products work and sell better!

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