What is the impact of throwing materials on PCB assembly production?

- Oct 31, 2018-

The so-called throwing means that the placement machine does not stick after sucking the material in the production process, but throws the material into the throwing box or other places, or performs the above-mentioned one throwing action without sucking the material. 

The material loss caused by the throwing material prolongs the production time, reduces the production efficiency, and raises the production cost. 


In order to optimize the production efficiency and reduce the cost, the problem of high throwing rate must be solved. The nozzle problem, the nozzle deformation, blockage, damage caused by insufficient air pressure, air leakage, resulting in suction, the material is not correct, the identification is passed and the material is thrown. 

Clean and replace the nozzle. Identify system problems, poor vision, visual or laser lens is not clean, there is debris interference recognition, improper selection of light source and intensity, insufficient gray scale, and it is possible to identify the system has been clean and wipe the surface of the identification system. 

Keep clean, free of dirt, etc., adjust the intensity and gray level of the light source, and replace the parts of the identification system.

Position problem, the material is not in the center of the material, the height of the material is not correct (generally, the pressure is 0.05MM after touching the part), which causes the deviation, the material is not correct, there is offset, and the corresponding data parameters are recognized. The system that is identified does not match and is discarded as an invalid material. 

Adjust the reclaiming position. Vacuum problem, insufficient air pressure, vacuum tube passage is not smooth, there is a guide to block the vacuum passage, or the vacuum leaks and the air pressure is insufficient, and the material cannot be taken or picked up and then dropped on the way. 

Adjust the pressure steep slope to the required pressure value of the equipment (such as 0.5~~0.6Mpa--YAMAHA placement machine), clean the pneumatic pipeline, repair the leaking gas path. 

Program problems, the component parameters in the edited program are set incorrectly, and the physical size of the incoming material If the parameters such as brightness do not match, the identification is passed and discarded. Modify component parameters and search for optimal parameter settings.

The problem of incoming materials is irregular, and it is a defective product such as pin oxidation. IQC does a good job of incoming material inspection, contact the component supplier. 

Feeder problem, feeder position is deformed, feeder feed is poor (feeder ratchet gear is damaged, strip hole is not stuck in the feeder's ratchet gear On the top, there is foreign matter under the feeder, the spring is aging, or the electrical is bad), which causes the material to be picked up or the material to be fed poorly, and the feeder is damaged.

Feeder adjustment, cleaning the feeder platform, replacing the bad parts or feeders. 

If there is a throwing phenomenon to be solved, you can first ask the field personnel, through the description, and then directly find the problem according to the observation and analysis, so that it is better Effectively identify problems, solve them, and improve production efficiency, but take up more machine production time.

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