Three-step circuit board welding operation method

- Jun 16, 2017-

The three-step welding operation method can also be called the tin welding method. The specific operation steps are as follows:


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The first step: preparing for welding, the soldering iron tip is in contact with the solder joint of the component to be welded, apply the tin soldering tip along the direction of 45° to the lead wire of the component to be welded for heating, making the temperature of welding portion is raised, and the soldering tin point is melted firmly.


Step 2: heating the weldment and the welding tin wire at the same time, touching the soldering iron and the solder wire on both sides of the components to be welded, waiting for the component to be heated, and melting the appropriate amount of welding tin wire.

Step 3: Simultaneously removing the weldment and welding tin wire. When the solder is completely wetted through the solder joint, remove the soldering iron and welding tin wire quickly. The solder wire should be removed slightly earlier than the soldering iron or removed with the soldering iron. No later than the time when the soldering iron is removed, otherwise the solder joint temperature decrease, and the solder solidified welding tin wire sticks to the solder joint, resulting in unsuccessful welding of the circuit board.


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The three-step welding operation method is faster in the welding process and saves the operation time, but the beginner should not make an emergency response, and the circuit board is directly welded by the three-step welding operation method. For welding, components with large heat capacity must strictly follow the five-step welding operation methods.


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