Surface assembly, installation and welding process

- Jun 23, 2018-

The installation and welding of surface assembly parts mainly adopts automatic installation and welding methods (such as wave soldering, reflow welding and other automatic welding methods mentioned above) for installation and welding.The installation and welding of surface assembly parts are mainly divided into two basic process methods: soldering paste/reflow welding process and patch glue/wave soldering process.

1. Welding paste/reflow welding process

Mainly for the installation and welding of welding components (SMD), the production line of soldering paste/reflow welding mainly consists of three major equipment: soldering paste printing, laminating machine and reflow welding furnace.It different plug-in components of plug-in before welding, it is first on the printed circuit board solder coating solder paste, and then through set light, electricity, gas and machinery for the integration of high-precision placement machine automation equipment will be pasted on coating solder paste before welding plate, finally after reflow soldering furnace heating molten solder paste again, which is firmly SMT components and welding plate welding.

2. Lamination adhesive/wave soldering process

The process of laminating adhesive/wave soldering is used when a combination of laminated and conventional jack elements is required on a printed circuit board.In this process, the patch element is pasted on the board surface a through the bonding space between the pads, and then flipped.The through-hole element on the surface of b, so that the through-hole pin and the patch element are on the side of a, i.e. the lower plate, after the wave soldering, the plug-in and the patch element can be welded.Laminated glue/wave soldering process is cheap, but it requires a lot of equipment, so it is difficult to achieve high density assembly.

Reasonable assembly process is the guarantee of quality and efficiency. After the confirmation of surface assembly method, the process can be confirmed according to the needs and specific equipment conditions.Different way of assembly has a different process, the same assembly way also can have different technological process, these mainly depends on the type of material and surface processing quality requirements and so on.

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