FASTPCBA's PCB System Quotation Rules

- Sep 21, 2019-

FASTPCBA's PCB System Quotation Rules

Project / price / Number of layers
2 layer4 layer6 layer8 layer10 layer12 layer14 layer16 layer18 layer20 layer22-32 layer

Project Costs

Additional calculation

Unit Price


24003200Additional calculation

Delivery Date


S<1m25 days6 days7 days8 days10 days11 days
1m2≤S<5m28 days9 days10 days11 days13 days16 days
5m2≤S<10m211 days12 days13 days14 days15 days18 days
10m2≤S<50m213 days14 days15 days16 days18 days20 days
S≥50m2To be determined

In the above quotation, the “S” in the engineering fee refers to the board area (unit m2) of the delivery. When the board size is >0.04m2, the calculation method of the engineering fee is as follows: basic engineering fee + (exceeding the area * level corresponding plus unit price)

1) The above quotation is based on: standard board thickness:
0.6mm ≤ 2 layers ≤ 1.6mm;
0.6mm ≤ 4-6 layers ≤ 2.0mm;
0.8mm ≤ 8-12 layers ≤ 2.5mm;
1.0mm ≤ 14-20 layers ≤ 4.0mm;
substrate copper thickness 1/3-1oz (the inner and outer layers have no special requirements for copper thickness),
Minimum hole ≥ 0.25mm;
Minimum line width line spacing ≥ 4mil, multi-layer board conventional lamination (single sheet PP), surface technology is lead spray tin, OSP, the board is ordinary FR-4, non-auto board. The inspection standard is: IPC-II standard.

2) Special surface technology plus charge: sample (S<1m2):
spray lead-free tin: RMB 300 / style;
immersion gold: RMB 400 / section;
immersion silver: RMB 400 / section;
immersion tin: RMB 400 / style;
Peelable blue glue: RMB 400 / style;
Carbon oil: RMB 300 / style;
gold-plated fingers: RMB 500 /style (Au ≤ 10u).

Small batch (1m2 ≤ S ≤ 10 m2) price:
spray lead-free tin: RMB 300 / m2;
immersion gold:RMB 200 / m2;
immersion silver: RMB 200 / m2;
immersion tin: 100 yuan / m2;
peelable blue glue : RMB100 / m2;
carbon oil: 50 yuan / m2; S> 10 m2:
another report. Gold-plated fingers: another.

3) The sample is provided with free test, but the total test point is more than 200,000 points charge additional flying needle test fee. For the open test stand with the order area of ≥5m2, the test stand is required for the small batch module board that meets any of the following conditions (condition: 1 The delivery quantity is greater than 300PCS; 2. The delivery area is greater than 3 m2), and the test rack fee is charged according to the document test points.

4) The delivery time of chemical immersion silver, chemical immersion tin, gold finger, numerical control V-CUT, or board with special process requirements above is extended by one day. The delivery time of the buried/blind hole model shall be extended by 2-5 days; the batch delivery period shall be reported separately.

5) Other special boards and high-difficult board documents shall be given corresponding quotations. In case of major changes in the raw material market or other unfinished matters, the two parties shall negotiate to resolve them.

6) The above delivery calculation method is calculated after the contract ordering engineer and EQ confirms OK.

Remarks: The above expedited fees are for the standard and small batches; the expedited charges for large quantities need to be quoted separately.

Expedited fee collection plan

Number of layersTotal cost (engineering fee, manufacture fee, test fee) Addition ratio
1 day in advance2 day in advance3 day in advance4 day in advance5 day in advance

6 day in advance

7 day in advance

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