FASTPCBA’s Component Material Storage Requirements

- Apr 19, 2019-

Some customers in the FASTPCBA production process, the product materials (components, pcb, steel mesh, etc.) delivered to us by the customer are properly kept by us according to the material preservation requirements. In particular, all kinds of electrostatic sensitive components and BGA moisture sensitive devices must be stored and used in strict accordance with packaging requirements.


If it’s confirmed that the material failure caused by our company we will responsible for the corresponding compensation. Our company only performs temporary storage management on the product materials delivered by the customer. After the order is finished, the materials are returned. If long-term storage is required, the customer must pay us a certain amount storage fee.


FASTPCBA does not perform performance testing on the components provided by the customer, and conducts conformity inspection on the components provided by the customer according to the requirements shown in the material packaging. If not met the requirements, the customer is responsible for contacting the supplier for rectification or written reply.

FASTPCBA warehouse


FASTPCBA company found abnormal failure (component failure greater than 1%) in the production process, should stop in time to find the cause, if necessary, report to the customer for assistance in the investigation of the cause of failure. For less than 1% of the device failure, the customer can use the 1% of the materials provided by our company for production. The judgment of the failed device is judged by both us and the customer. For the components/devices/pcb boards caused by our company, etc. If the material fails, our company is willing to pay full compensation.


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