FASTPCBA Electronics The Most Beautiful Pengcheng The Journey Of Youth

- May 28, 2019-

The summer in Shenzhen is the longest season of the year. Under the rising temperature, I think that any sweating activity is not the first choice for everyone. A trip to the ancient city and beach are sure to be enjoyable. Taking advantage of refresh air and clean sky, the recovery of everything, together with the youthful atmosphere in the air, the younger brothers and sisters of Shenzhen FASTPCBA Electronics Co., Ltd., and a close contact with Dapeng Ancient City, started our youthful journey.



The activity aims to enrich the spare time of all employees, reach physical and mental pleasure, and to enhance communication and exchanges between various departments and strengthen team cohesion. Under the leadership of the administration division, we came to Dapeng New District on May 25th. The encounter of the "most beautiful Pengcheng". Hey, I have already showed a burst of laughter.


Speaking of Pengcheng, there must be places to go.: Dapeng Peninsula National Geological Park Museum, Dapeng Ancient City, which is known as Gulangyu Island in Shenzhen. Among them, the colorful rocks showed in the Geopark Museum are dazzling, the pictures and the physical objects with text introduction, and there are children's explanations about the minerals on the spot. It is a very shocking experience for the rookie who has never seen the geological phenomenon.

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I personally feel Dapeng. This charming place, which looks like a thousand years of historical glory, silently tells the vicissitudes of life. The historic building is one of the few places of interest in Shenzhen, a young city, mottled old city gates, all written for predecessors. The four city gates are like the guards of four incomparably strong guards who defend day and night. When coming to the south gate, a group photo is essential. The walls that have been washed away by history are like the old houses in my hometown. Into the alley, there are many stalls, all kinds of snacks and souvenir shops, the ancient city is not big, but my friends and I have not finished hanging, because our main purpose is to take pictures.

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Next, bringing sand picking tools, swim ring, put on a bikini, and go to the beach together! Gulangyu, Shenzhen, is called the Jiaochangwei, the beach is relatively narrow, here is the most crazy activity I played . Not say too much, directly attach pictures.

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