FastPCBA Customized An Amazing Test Fixture For A Set Of PCBA

- Jun 14, 2017-

Our FASTPCBA is a professional prototype and small medium production PCBA manufacturer, providing services of: PCB layout, PCB fabrication, electronic components sourcing, PCBA assembly, testing fixtures producing, etc. Recently, we customized a complicated test fixture as request, see the following picture: 

This jig is made of: 14 PCBA, 6 out of them were golden samples; and the other 8 boards are DUT, as can be seen from the photo, there are many pogo pins, each pogo pin should absolutely match the board pad properly. Doing such a great job, the basic requests for our engineers are: 1stly, follow up the 3D drawings; 2ndly, read and understand the schematic very well; 3rdly, observe based on how to connect step by step. All in all, with qualified technical skills.

A complicated test fixture.jpg

Maybe the picture is not clear and enough to show you how complicated the test jig is, but all customers visiting us were deeply impressed, we are also proud of this without doubt! So, now we have more confidence that you may have a more clear idea about us, we strongly believe we can do more complicated and “larger” jobs with time passing by.


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