Through 15 Years, Do Not Forget The Initial Heart

- Oct 28, 2019-

There is very popular sentence in the memory of the second half 2018: "wish you run away half a life, but return is still a teenager"with one or two cups of light wine while the night falls a lot of young people wandering in the busy streets and take a picture of the traffic, match with this sentence, how appropriate.Once I was the same, struggle continuous along with our life.We may have experienced too much in the society, what is commendable is not to forget their original ideal.

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In fact, every one of us has a goal in everything we do.Assuming your goal is to be happy, you might go to the cinema to watch a comedy.Similarly, FASTPCBA’s original goal was to make science and technology more perfect wholeheartedly.Today, we stand here looking back the 15 years experience, from the scale of 5 colleagues to today more than 200 colleagues, from hundreds of square meters of production workshop to 5,000 square meters of production workshop, from small and micro enterprises to national high-tech enterprises, from domestic service to abroad, from 0401 to 01005, from hand brush tin to solder paste printing machine......Basically everything we see is changing. The only unchanging thing is our original goal.


Wholeheartedly, let science and technology more perfect!

Looking forward to the future, standing at the new starting point of the Times, standing on the opportunity of the country's rapid development, we are full of confidence! FASTPCBA has participated in the production of the national high-tech project loongson 3 and a new type of military products in China in the past 15 years.And reached a deep cooperation with the new energy giants in European Union.At present, it has been widely involved in PCBA customized processing in the fields of automotive electronics, medical electronics, military electronics, smart home and other fields at home and abroad, and has been widely praised in the industry.We use smart building technology to lead the city to a better future.


New age has began, the new change has been brewing, with 5 g era rapid development , brand new world is here, we never leave home but obtain knowledge, from space to the oceans, from the inland to the open seas, we constantly develop the limits of human cognition, from 0 to 1 is the process of "great change".On the road forward, it is human science and technology leap again and again.In the process of realizing the transformation of science and technology from drawings to reliable and mature products, we have never forgotten our original intention. Times are changing, and the only thing that remains unchanged is: wholeheartedly, make science and technology more perfect.

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