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- Dec 10, 2016 -

FASTPCBA, specialized in the procurement of components, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly. Was founded in 2006, this industry has more than 10 years of experience in this Line. The core part of FASTPCBA is quality. Follow me to know our 8 quality points.


Each of the incoming materials will be carried out by a dedicated test of detailed testing, if the incoming problem can be solved in time to ensure that the incoming quality

2.Confirm the first item

Each project in the production, we will confirm the first product, To solve all problems from the source encountered in the production. To avoid duplication of bulk order errors, effectively avoid affecting customer delivery.

3.Solder paste detector

A well-known Chinese brand solder paste-GKG2 detector to ensure that components welding fullness, strong connectivity, make it more satisfied with the end customers to use them.

4.Online AOI

Our Mount machine is a well-known brand-GKG5, if paste finished, through the online AOI detecte components then to check components are not posted wrong, repaste , etc.

5.Offline AOI

Off-line AOI components in the furnace after the re-test, repeat the check to see if there are some components are mounted can not meet our quality standard.


X-RAY can detect BGA and other hidden welding points, to check whether the welding is not good enough.


DIP inspection to ensure that the poor after welding and the cleanness and beautify for appearance of products.


Finally, through sampling checks to ensure that the final product quality, and quality through rate

If need, please contact us then can let you know our professional ability.

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