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- Dec 02, 2016 -

Standard lead times for PCBA

Our standard prototype Bare PCB lead time is 6-10 days. The detail lead time depends on the complexity of the boards and quantity. 2-4Layer pcb within 50pcs samples, the lead time can be 6days. While if it was a 6 or 8 layer pcb samples, lead time could be longer.We also have 24 hour, 2 day, 3 day, 5 day and 8 day lead time delivery available.This we call expedite service.

Components sourcing always take 2weeks, since we order them from Digikey Element14, or Molex from overseas.

Assembly lead time for samples is 1-3days. For small&medium size quantity, lead time is 3-5days. For mass quantity, the lead time is 5-10days.

Details depends on the component and pcb total quantity.

Quick turn lead times for Bare PCB Board

For one or two layer prototype bare pcb board, we can provide a 24 hour turn around service. For multilayer PCBs, the fastest turnaround time for samples is 48hours. Details depends on the number of layers and quantity.

Please send your Gerber files through our company emails and we will mark the available lead times in our quote.

Deadline for bare pcb

For 24 or 48 hour turnarounds requirement, please make sure that you send us all the correct gerber files to us before calculating time. We calculate time after our engineer approve your Gerber. Once we find any mistake or capability beyond our limit, we’ll send you an Engineering Question to confirm our suggestion. Time starts after this.For other standard lead times, please get the final files to us and start calculating time from the second day.(It will take our PCB engineer 1day to evaluate gerber file )

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