PCB Board reliability concept

- Apr 23, 2016-

With the development of high technology, people need high-performance, small-size, multi-functional electronic products, printed circuit board manufacturing should be developed in light, thin, short, small, confined space, more functions, and wiring density. The larger the aperture, the smaller the aperture, indicating that the metallized aperture is getting smaller and smaller when the double-sided board is born. The dependence of metal interconnect layers and holes is directly related to the reliability of printed circuit boards. So what is reliability?

Board reliability concept

Solderability is defined in IPC-T-50 as "the ability of a metal to be wetted by molten solder." Solderability is a complex property that is related to the inherent properties of the material itself and to the cleanliness of the finished surface of the component. The solderability of the component electrodes is a property that determines the overall adaptability for use in industrial welding, that is, the ability to be soldered at a defined temperature and time. It is related to three aspects:

(1) Thermodynamic requirements.

(2) Wettability

(3) Resistance to welding

Good solderability produces good wetting, and good wetting means that the solder can be covered evenly, smoothly and without cracks without the use of strong active flux and without damaging the parts being welded. Weld the metal surface and fill it well. Poor solderability results in poor wettability, ie, non-wetting, local wetting. It should be emphasized here that solderability and wettability are two concepts. Solderability describes the solderability of the soldered metal, while wettability describes the wettability of the solder and the metal being soldered. We use standard solder flux to evaluate the solderability of the soldered metal by measuring the wettability under specified temperature and time conditions. Therefore, the solderability test is sometimes referred to as the wettability test.

The above is the reliability concept of printed circuit boards, I hope to help you!

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