Common problems that cause components to go line incorrectly

- May 13, 2017-

1.The BOM list is incorrect, the actual quantity is insufficient, the tray is prepared   incorrectly, and the material preparation is not accurate; 

2.The position of the tray is misplaced, and the order of the trays is misplaced, etc.

FASTPCBA has a specific and efficient production capacity for the feeding error resistance system. 

1.The system uses barcode scanning and automatic inspection to prevent loading and reloading errors, instead of manual inspection. 

2.The system automatically records the loading process information, checks the process actions, the spot check process, the reloading process and other information. 

3.The system immediately alerts if detect error and remind that corrective action to be implemented.

4. The information set by the machine loading can be shared, and can be printed for stock preparation at any time, feeding, and checking materials staff refer and execute according to it, and the standards are the same.

5.FASTPCBA's loading error-resistance system can prevent engineering change data from not being notified to all relevant personnel in time. 

6.the system can be traced to the loading process, easy for management personnel to carry out material tracking, personnel work tracking, machine running status tracking.


FASTPCBA introduces advanced SMT welding equipment, real-time data acquisition technology, real-time database technology, human-computer interaction function, pre-set BOM materials, using bar code to record process actions, matching with pre-set the system to prevent mis-materials on components,less material, wrong material, wrong sequence, missing record, lack of report, no feedback, feedback is not timely, etc., can effectively prevent the board from being printed before the printing assembly starts., to prevent the occurrence of batch defective welding board situation.

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