In 2020, technology will subvert these areas!

- Dec 27, 2016-

I am looking forward to the automatic driving, intelligent pension can be realized as soon as possible.


Halfway time have passed of 2019, there have been many exciting technological advances during the year, and there have been many startups that have subverted traditions. Some technology companies not only increased their income, their profits increased, but their stock prices also rose. The shares of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon all rose more than 33%. However, shares in Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, Autodesk, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Intel all rose more than 25%. In 2020, technology will continue to subvert people's lives and imaginations.


Banking in the technology industry will continue

With the popularity of mobile Internet, the application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, most banking services can be experienced at any time and anywhere. Large technology companies will continue to make large-scale profits, even as their reputation moves further from the TED style. Money and representation are related. If no one wants to know what kind of embarrassment you are running, it is impossible to make high-margin money. The negative impact of technology on the labor market will also become more and more obvious, which will be the gap between industry leaders and the richest people of the robbers and nobles since the 19th century. The technology industry creates incredibly convenient, practical, and almost inevitable products. Will the bank disappear? Perhaps in the future, banks will no longer have physical branches, but their essential financial functions will not change, which can be achieved through the Internet, mobile payments and other means.

car pcb


A large number of electric-powered vehicles will drive to the streets

Under the combined effect of various factors, 2020 will become a breakthrough year for the electric vehicle industry. Electric cars have a variety of sizes and shapes: electric assisted bicycles, single-wheeled bicycles, Segway scooters, power scooters, and more. All of these have some common characteristics. First, they are battery-powered, so they are quiet and clean, benefiting from the huge scale of battery demand in the smartphone industry; second, they are convenient and relatively cheap, ranging from $300 to several thousand dollars; third, It is safer to drive on a bicycle lane separately; the fourth is that these vehicles are like smart phones with wheels. 2018 will be a year in which electric products are generally accepted by the public.


The camera will be part of more devices even if they don't have a screen

Cameras have become so cheap that they are everywhere. They exist in a variety of products such as cars, doorbells, and baby monitors. In the past, cameras existed to show things to humans. But with the rise of machine learning technology, computers can parse images, and the largest user of the camera will be the machine. This means that manufacturers will make cameras inside more devices so they can demonstrate low-level environmental intelligence. Although there are privacy issues, these can be mitigated by the fact that some of the devices will be able to run new chips for artificial intelligence software required for image recognition, some of which will do more processing locally without sending information to the cloud.



Auto-driving vehicles will quietly become a reality

Autonomous vehicles have been in the weird part of the hype cycle. People have been watching media reports for more than a decade, but no one can buy them. On the other hand, the technology has made great progress, and Waymo began to provide autonomous driving sharing of driverless cars in Chandler, Arizona, which is the most important milestone for autonomous vehicles to date. Traditional car manufacturers did not attempt to sell autonomous vehicles until 2020, but they will provide more and more semi-autonomous functions. More pedestrian changes in the driving experience will be combined with the launch of Waymo to normalize autonomous vehicles. In 2020, we will see self-driving vehicles shuttle through the streets in some developed cities.


These are just a part of the developments in 2020 and are not the only theme. We are looking forward to hearing more from different fields: cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, augmented reality, many companies independently researching and developing chips, fragmentation of global Internet information, and so on. In this era of constant innovation, the only thing you can be sure of is that tomorrow will definitely be very different from today.

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