Environmental Protection For PCB Industry

- Dec 27, 2016 -

According to a recent media reports, China's largest PCB production base from the pearl river delta region is facing a big environmental trouble. By the end of last week, Foshan, only such a small single city has nearly 12000 environmental officers engaged in, forced closure of 793 companies. This mostly came from PCB and relative fields electroplating polluting, and this became the key environmental supervision. Experts think, with the environmental costs increasing, coupled with the upstream raw materials, like copper foil continuous rising up, while the profit margins are narrow and narrow, it turns out those small and medium PCB companies will have no way but to be kicked out. On the contrary, those leading companies, with advanced technology and capital, reaching environmental protection standards, will obviously win more market shares, and finally beneficiary will be concentrated without doubt.


How much will you consider about environmental status while finding a suitable and long-term partner? Yes, indeed price and quality are important factors, but sustainable development and caring about the pollution is also a significant part, we need to responsible for ourselves, isn’t it?


Well, our FastPCBA is such a responsible and reliable partner, let’s contribute ourselves into improving our living condition, to avoid the Climate warming.


Finally, on behalf of our whole FastPCBA, we would like to express our best wish to both you &your family, a Happy New Year, let’s do better in 2017!


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