Development of PCB printing process

- Aug 29, 2018-

PCBA printed process technology development and progress in four main directions.First, it ADAPTS to the assembly requirements of new surface assembly components.Second, it ADAPTS to the development of new assembly materials.Third, the variety of modern electronic products, update the characteristics of the rapid adaptation;Fourth, it ADAPTS to the assembly requirements of new assembly forms such as high-density assembly, three-dimensional assembly and mems assembly.It is mainly reflected in the following aspects :
1. With the fineness of pin spacing of components and devices, the microassembly technology of 0.3mm pin spacing has become mature and is developing towards improving the assembly quality and the pass rate of primary assembly;
2.With the popularity of the ball-shaped pin form at the bottom of the device array, the corresponding assembly process and detection, repair technology has become mature and is still in the process of improvement;
3. In order to adapt to the development of green assembly and the assembly process requirements of lead-free welding and other new assembly materials after they are put into use, relevant technological research is underway;
4. In order to meet the assembly requirements of multiple varieties, small batch production and rapid product update, the assembly process rapid reorganization technology, assembly process optimization technology, assembly design and manufacturing integration technology are constantly put forward and are being studied;
5. In order to adapt to high-density assembly, the assembly technology of three-dimensional assembly is the main content to be studied in the future;
6, to strictly install the azimuth, precision requirements and other special assembly requirements of surface assembly technology, but also in the future a period of time to study the content, such as mechanical and electrical system surface assembly.

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