PCB program data editing

- Aug 29, 2018-

There are three methods for PCB program data editing: CAD conversion; coordinate files generated by self-learning programming of the placement machine; coordinate data of components are generated by the scanner. Among them, CAD conversion is the easiest and most accurate.
(1) CAD data conversion 1CAD conversion project:
 a. component name of each step;
 b. description;
 c. X, Y coordinates and corner of each step;
 d. mm/inch conversion;
 e. coordinate direction conversion;
 f. angle T conversion;
 g. ratio;
 h. source point correction value.
 2 CAD conversion operation step
a. Call out the surface assembly component coordinate text file When the file format does not meet the requirements, you need to call out the text file from EXCEL; Select the separator in the text guide wizard, click "Next", select "Space", click "Next", select "Text", click "Finish" and display the file in EXCEL: by deleting, cutting Cut and paste tools to adjust the file to the desired format. b. Open the CAD conversion software
c. Select the CAD data format. If a new file is created, a blank Format Edit window will pop up; if the existing file is edited, a format editing window with data will pop up, and then the pop-up format can be modified and edit.
d. According to the text file, input the data that needs to be converted.
e. After the disk is saved, the conversion can be performed.
(2) The coordinate program generated by the self-learning programming of the placement machine is converted and edited by software. When there is no CAD file of the surface assembly component coordinates. At the time, the placement coordinates generated by the self-learning of the placement machine can be used, and then converted and edited by software (the software needs to have a text conversion function).
1. Conversion and editing conditions:
a. A PCB without solder paste is required;
b. Assembly component list and assembly drawing;
c. A 3.5-inch 2HD formatted floppy disk
2 operation steps
a. Using the placement machine to self-learn programming input component name, X, Y coordinates and corner 1, the rest of the parameters can be automatically Generated during programming and optimization. (If the placement machine itself is equipped with optimization software, it can be optimized directly on the placement machine, otherwise follow the steps below)
 b. Back up the coordinate program generated by the self-learning of the placement machine to the floppy disk.

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