What Should We Pay Attention To When Copying Boards?

- Jan 16, 2019-

1. At present, some people suggest that this board can be copied. It sounds quite suspense. In fact, as long as the copy board software can directly open and save the PROTEL PCB file, all the placed element attributes fully support the PROTEL format, including the placement function. Copy out any type of board.

2, the choice of copy board software

The quality of copy board software mainly depends on whether the function is complete. It is best to do all the work in the copy board software, so the efficiency is high, including the placement of components to support PROTEL99SE is the best, the current 99SE component library Very rich and can be downloaded from the internet. This is also a very important thing. The era of hand-made components has passed, because many of the elements in the BGP component package have hundreds of elements, and it is too expensive to build components by hand.

multi-layer board

In order to make the circuit stable and reliable, it is generally necessary to have a large copper bump and a power or ground connection when designing the circuit, which can reduce the noise and interference of the circuit. Therefore, when it comes to the problem of copper plating on the network, for complex circuit boards, there are many copper connections and many connections to be isolated. If the problem is not solved, copper can not be realized, so it must be Define the network to pave copper ("same network connection, different network isolation"), simply fill all the copper skin as there will be a way. This is also a key issue in measuring copying software.

3, grinding plate

For the multi-layer board, the middle layer cannot be directly scanned. To copy the multi-layer board, it is necessary to grind out the multi-layer, so the multi-layer board must be scrapped of a board.

The best method currently used is to use a good grinder and a manual gauze mill. The latter method is the least expensive method. Sandpaper is a common sandpaper that can be purchased anywhere in the market. Remember to use coarse sandpaper. Fine sandpaper is difficult to grind. The method is very simple. Use the sandpaper to grind the board according to the level. If there is a large piece of copper, you can pull it off directly with pliers, or use a few flats to grind it off, then use sandpaper to grind it.

There is no technical content in the grinding plate. It is purely an empirical thing. It will be understood by grinding a multi-layer board.

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