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- Mar 23, 2020-

Whether epidemic resistance will ultimately win depends on whether the brain cells of the scientist are working, which means success. It depends on some invisible and important factors. Fastpcba was originally founded by an engineer who paid special attention to details.

I have come back to meet the great god of the PCB manufacturing business community. I heard that it is difficult to meet. Except that Ali Ma can talk to him at any time, others want to meet. It is difficult, unless you are a 10-level beauty. ,, do not believe look at the picture below, the company has too many beauties. It is said that the person who engages in pcb manufacturing and assembly is not romantic, that is because he has not been to fastpcba.

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It is said that fastpcba has the ambition of Yasukuni Anbang. On its own small land, this country is the company's strategy and vision. Bang is all employees dressing and eating, working in the pcb manufacturing industry, sooner or later, it must be a large enterprise . details make a difference.


In 2020, at the beginning of the new year, fastpcba used a new logo, the concept is: Jingbang red, Jingbang blue, red represents China, blue represents the sea and the sky, as seen in the picture below:


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