Comments On FASTPCBA From A New Employee

- Nov 09, 2016 -

  My name is Penny, a newcomer in FASTPCBA co.,ltd.

  Before I came FASTPCBA, I don’t know everything for PCB and PCBA filed. During these leaning days, I have a better knowledge about FASTPCBA.

We are an OEM one-stop service PCB and PCBA manufacturer majoring in PCB fabrication, components sourcing and assembly over 12years.

FASTPCBA has a professional team from purchasers and engineers, especially the advanced SMT machines! With them, FASTPCBA can produce high quality pcba products in Medical, Industry, Secutity, Home automation fileds! A lot of Clients all over the world such as: USA, GERMANY, France, Brazil, Spain and so on are so pleased to FASTPCBA ’s products quality and best service.


So If you are in the need of PCB and PCBA service, please feel free to contact us with the gerber file and bomlist of your Printed Circuit Board.


Warmly welcome you to have a visit in our Assembly factory---------FASTPCBA! 

Della Zhang





Factory address: 3/F. 1/B, 18-2 Yuquan East Rd. Yulv Village. Guangming New district. Shenzhen. China.

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