China Will Become The Home Of World's Printed Circuit Boards

- Oct 12, 2017-

Due to China's huge domestic market, as well as lower labor costs and perfect industrial support and other advantages, the global PCB production capacity   continue to transfer to China from 2000. Since 2006, China has surpassed Japan becoming the world's largest PCB producer. The Specific market distribution, in 2016 China's mainland accounted for 50%, China Taiwan 12.8%, South Korea 11.5%, Japan 9.7%, Asia, the four countries / regions accounted for 84% of the global proportion of PCB.


According to the data survey, from 2005 , China's PCB enterprises which enter ranked bill have reached 100. To 2016 of the fifteenth list, integrated PCB business income of 100 million yuan of enterprises reached 131, is the first 4.7 times. Top hundred PCB enterprises are mainly distributed in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Kunshan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions.


In addition, according to Prismark statistics, China's PCB output value from 19.971 billion US dollars to 26.7 billion US dollars, in 2016 the global PCB market output value reached 54.2 billion US dollars, compared to the decline in production in 2015, the future of global electronic information Industry continued to develop, is expected in 2017 the global PCB market output value will reach 55.3 billion US dollars. China is about to become the home of the world's printed circuit boards.

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